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Joe Giancaspro

Years of experience: 35
Position: CEO

Mr. Giancaspro is the CEO of Azmex plastics & BEAU Electronics. With over 30 years of experience in plastics manufacturing and over 10 years of work as a trusted supplier to Molex LLC, Azmex was honored to be bestowed with the transfer of the Beau phenolic connector line.

“Beau's new C.S. team worked out a unique custom solution to our requirement. They went above and beyond, and thus we are extremely satisfied.”


 Detroit, MI

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About Us

We strive to help both distributors and end customers fill their connector needs while meeting budgetary goals. We use low cost manufacturing methods without sacrificing quality. Our main working goal is the continual improvement of sales, productivity, organization, and customer satisfaction.


provide high-quality low- cost connectors that fulfill our customers' needs and meet their budget targets

David Islas

Years of experience: 5
Position: Materials Manager

David started with Azmex/BEAU in an entry level position as a materials assistant. He exhibited a surprising amount of potential as he outperformed others who had considerably more experience. He quickly rose to become materials manager and is now in control of all MRP functions. David has a degree in Business Administration.