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     Look closely at the plating. Compare, and you'll see the difference that comes from carefully controlled manufacturing techniques. Controls that result in precise and uniform plating thickness. Controls that give our connectors the extra long service life you expect.

     And notice the smooth surface on the phenolic bodies. The freedom from molding irregularities. It takes constant attention to tool maintenance to keep producing high quality parts. And we have an obsession for quality.

     Add up the differences. The significant ones and the little things. It all adds up to this: Beau connectors offer you more for your money. More choices. More design advantages. More quality.

BBS = Black Back Shell

CCE = Cable Clamp End

CCE-L = Cable Clamp End, Latch

CCE-K = Cable Clamp End, Keeper

CCT = Cable Clamp Top

CCT-L = Cable Clamp Top, Latch

CCT-K = Cable Clamp Top, Keeper

FHE = Flared Hole End

FHE-L = Flared Hole End, Latch

FHE-K = Flared Hole End, Keeper

FHT = Flared Hole Top

FHT-L = Flared Hole Top, Latch

FHT-K = Flared Hole Top, Keeper

Contact plating options
Cable Mounting Hardware

AB = Angle Bracket

ABR = Angle Bracket Reversed

LAB = Less Angle Bracket

ABT = Angle Bracket Tapped

DB = Deep Bracket

EB = End Bracket

EBR = End Bracket Reversed

EBT = End Bracket Tapped

FP = Flat Plate

SB = Shallow Bracket

SCC = Snap "C" Clip

RP = Recessed Plate

Beau Plug and Socket Connectors: add up the differences.

     At first glance, all plug and socket blade-type connectors may seem pretty much alike. But, take another look. Beau electronics connectors offer a number of significant design advantages. Differences like standard pre-grounding connectors. The safety and reliance of thermoplastic backshells. The advantages of uniform-float contact -- in all our connectors. 

     And there are other differences. Perhaps not so significant, but a lot of little things that do add up. For example, take a look at our male contacts. Notice how neatly the ends are rounded, how smooth to the touch. And think about how that can make mating easy -- and save wear on the socket.

-NA:  tin

-03:  .0003" (8MuM) silver

-04:  .000015" (0,4muM) gold

-05:  .00001" (0.3muM) rhodium                           over .0002" (5muM) nickel

Panel Mounting Hardware