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Panel Mount Plugs and Sockets
38330, 38336, 38540
Angle Bracket, Angle Bracket Tapped, Without Angle Bracket

38330, 38542
Shallow Bracket

38330, 38336, 38540
Deep Bracket

* We can build orders below the standard MOQ upon request

Cable Mount Plugs and Sockets
38331, 38336, 38541
Cable Clamp End

38330, 38331, 38336, 38541
Cable Clamp Top, Cable Clamp Top with Keeper, Cable Clamp Top with Latch

38330, 38336, 38540
Flared Hole End

38330, 38331, 38336, 38540
Flared Hole Top

We have more that 450 phenolic plugs and sockets


The blade type plug and socket connector fills the important middle range: At the high end is the mil spec type of connector which is best suited for highly sophisticated applications and is inherently significantly more costly. At the low end is the commercial variety of pin and socket connectors, in which the male contact is a hollow formed metal pin, crimped at the end. This pin is made of a softer, thinner metal than the other types, and is more prone to fatigue.

     The blade type plug and socket connector offers many advantages over either the high or low end connectors. They offer extremely high reliability at a reasonable cost.

When To Use Blade-Type Plug and Socket Connectors